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    UV TANNING    

Level 5 Tanning Bed
Level 4 Tanning Bed
Level 5

1 Pass: $25   5 Pass: $110

10 Pass: $180   Month: $129

Member: $95

The Ergoline Open Sun 1050 makes a statement with 30 high-pressure units perfectly aligned along the canopy and base. With its superior glass reflector technology and filter glass expertise, this Ergoline flagship demonstrates to the most discerning tanners how powerful, yet at the same time cool and airy, high-pressure tanning can be.

Level 4

1 Pass: $25   5 Pass: $110

10 Pass: $180   Month: $129

Member: $95

The Ergoline Esprit 770 Dynamic Power emits an aura of harmony. The 48 Dynamic Power 200-watt UV lamps and 4 Ultra Performance facial tanners will give you a perfectly cool-looking tan. For luxury, the Temptronic climate control, Aqua Mist & Aroma and wide Multi Relax base acrylic provide the ultimate in cool and refreshing comfort.

Level 3 Tanning Bed
Level 3 Tanning Bed
Level 3

1 Pass: $16   5 Pass: $70

10 Pass: $110   Month: $79

Member: $59

The Ergoline Inspiration 450 is destined to set new standards in this class with its level of UV performance. Ensuring a perfect, all-around tan, this sunbed has 42 Turbo Power 180 and 160-watt UV lamps along with 4 facial tanners at 400 watts each. A wide, ergonomically-shaped acrylic offers a relaxing tanning session.

Level 2 Tanning Bed
Level 2

1 Pass: $12   5 Pass: $50

10 Pass: $80   Month: $59

Member: $45

The Ergoline Passion 40/3 Turbo Power offers high-end tanning performance and comfort. The strength is evident in these 40 Turbo/Super Power UV lamps and three 400-watt glass reflector high-pressure units. This combination guarantees an intense and long-lasting tan.

Level 3

1 Pass: $16   5 Pass: $70

10 Pass: $110   Month: $79

Member: $59

The Ergoline Sunrise 480's tremendous tanning power makes it the envy of all other stand-up units. Generously equipped with 48 x 200-watt Turbo Power UV lamps that are 6.5 feet tall, it features a quick maximum exposure schedule and ensures total body coverage. This system bathes the entire body in a pleasant flow of refreshingly cool air, yet is whisper quiet. 

Level 1 Tanning Bed
Level 1

1 Pass: $8   5 Pass: $30

10 Pass: $50   Month: $39

Member: $29

The Ergoline Sundash has everything an entry level unit needs and more. 32 Super Power UV lamps, which are 6.5 feet long in the canopy, and an available 400-watt glass reflector facial tanner. The basic cooling system delivers ample cooling power while the relaxing Body Curve base acrylic make any tanning session a mini vacation.



Mystic Spray Tan
Mystic Tan

1 Pass: $29   5 Pass: $120

10 Pass: $200   Month: $129

Member: $109


Mystic Tan HD is a heated spray tanning system designed to consistently deliver a flawless, customizable and natural-looking tan. 

Step into our Mystic Tan Booth and experience the ultimate in sunless tanning.

  • MagneTan Technology attracts ultra-fine tanning mist to skin

  • Sweeping side-to-side application provides even, streak-free coverage 

  • Heated drying feature after each spray pass

  • Step-by-step audio instructions

  • Tan sessions are easily customizable with Mystic Myxers

Pre-Tan Prep

  • If you’re going to shave, do so at least 12 hours before you tan.

  • If you wax, do so before you tan, otherwise the wax could remove the layers of skin that are tan.

  • Exfoliate and rub-off excess, dead skin cells for an even tan.

  • Avoid lotion right before you tan, since lotions can act as a barrier on the skin and cause an uneven result. 
    Tip: Instead of using a lotion or moisturizer the day of tanning, try Mystic Tan Booster, which will moisturize and balance your skin’s pH for a deeper, even tan that will deliver quicker results.

Post-Tan Care


  • After the tanning application, avoid getting wet, like working out or showering for about 4-6 hours to allow the tan time to develop.

  • To avoid a quick fade and to help the tan last longer, it’s important to moisturize daily and/or use a gradual tanner.



Beauty Angel

1 Pass: $10   5 Pass: $40

10 Pass: $60   Month: $49

Member: $39

The Beauty Angel uses infrared light in special active ranges to rejuvenate the skin naturally. The special beauty light is absorbed by skin cells (fibroblasts) where it increases the body’s own production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Small wrinkles are reduced and the skin becomes visibly tauter and smoother.


Enhancing the light treatment of the Beauty Angel with Vibra Shape produces an integrated solution for beauty and fitness. This is made possible by a vibration plate integrated into the base. The side-alternating movements train all the muscles from the legs up to the abdomen and back. At the same time, more calories are burned, and the tautening of the connective tissue effectively prevents cellulite.

Beauty Angel Infrared Light


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